Mr. Anderson & Mr. Butler

Q. Bernard, if much of Dog Man Star and all the first McAlmont and Butler album is expansive both in terms of length and guitar style, your more recent songs are noticeably shorter and feature very controlled guitar work. Have you in the pursuit of Motown-style pop perfection abandoned the idea of writing another eloquent guitar epic such as Stay Together?
Anwar - London

Bernard: I closed off the Bob Marley avenue of pleasure about the same time…. the whole point of stay together was that the first 3 mins 30 secs worked as pure pop and you would never hear the rest on the radio.

Q. Brett: Your usual songwriting practice is to write a lyric for a pre-existing piece of music, in this case by Bernard. Has the reverse ever been true with you presenting a complete lyric for someone else to write music
Anwar - London

Brett: yes, ‘Filmstar’ and ‘She’ were both sort of written like that

Q. Which of your co-star’s songs that was made without you is your favourite? (ie not early Suede or The Tears)
Ian from Hong Kong

Bernard: Eno’s ‘Introducing The Band’ 

Q. If you had to play one song live from either of your back catalogues, what would it be?
James Brown from Hereford

Bernard: She’s a Layabout 

Q. You’re probably sick of people comparing Tears songs to this-and-that Suede song… What reference points would you use to guide people about your sound / influence?
Kathryn in South Yorks

Bernard: Listen to ‘Rhinestone Cowboy’ back to back with ‘Crazy in Love’ and pentangle’s ‘Poison’ for a few days and you’re getting into my world…. 

Q. Tell us a bout the writing process, how it starts, how it finishes, if anyone takes the lead…
Dave in London

Brett: It’s all just lucky guesswork! navigation



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