Here Come the Tears (2005)

Bernard: It’s the same old rubbish all the time… we are the same old lunatics.

 Steve: You got cats now and things now, and you have probably…

 Brett: Bernard has a family now, so that’s very different. I dunno. I think we are essentially the same people.

 Steve Lamacq: Do you think so.

 Brett: Yeah, I do actually, yeah I do. It didn’t seem when we first met after nine years away it didn’t seem weird, or it didn’t seem like me and someone I didn’t know. It’s just like Ah, get on with it. It’s like… just ordinary, really.

 Steve: Did you ask things you were curious about?

 Brett: We had a sort of drunken night when we talked rubbish to each other for a few hours but I can’t remember anything we said really.

 Bernard: I remember getting you into a taxi.

 Brett: Yeah,

 Steve: Did you have to pay for it as well?

 Bernard: Bristol quick! Don’t ask (all of them are talking at the same time and having a laff)



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